Valhalla Ruins Maps

This page is updated weekly. Valhalla Ruins or Guild Ruins VR/GR is a dungeon quest for all members of the guild. The ruins consist of 4 doors, by default the portals are closed and you need Silver Medal to open it. Your need to reach a certain level to enter the dungeon, level 40, 60, 80 and 100. Each door needs 40 silver medals. Unlike Endless Tower the VR/GR maps are the same across all Guilds in all channels.

Maps for Valhalla Ruins Guild Ruins VR40 VR60 VR80

Here are the updated Valhalla Ruins (a.k.a. VR, Guild Ruins or GR) maps for SEA server for this week. Go here for the Global server version.

Valhalla Ruins (a.k.a. VR, GR or Guild Ruins) is a weekly game mode in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love where your guild enter an exclusive dungeon with MVPs and Mini Bosses.

The maps of these dungeons are tricky and confusing. Portals may lead to empty maps and will be time-consuming if you keep entering the wrong portals.

Luckily, the VR maps are the same across all Guilds in all channels. In this page, we’ll update you with every week’s map layouts so you can take the fastest routes and finish the Valhalla Ruins efficiently.

Valhalla Ruins Level 40 60 80 100 Map (VR40 / VR60/ VR80/ VR100)

July 13–20, 2020 (05:00 AM GMT+7)

Valhalla Ruins Maps Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love 2

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